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The Aircraft

The Yak-3 represented the culmination of Alexandr Sergeevich Yakovlev's development of lightweight fighter types during the Second World War. As such, it was designed as a short range, agile interceptor to gain control of local airspace during the great Soviet offensive operations of the last two years of the war. The Yak-3 entered service in 1944 and had such an impressive rate of roll, turn and climb that German pilots were instructed not to engage these fighters below 5000 m. Overall, 4,848 Yak-3s were produced.

White 100 is one of a number of new build Yak-3s produced by Yakovlev in the 1990s. The fighter moved to the UK from Germany in 2011 and was successfully placed on the UK register. Since that time it has been displayed at a number of major UK air shows including Flying Legends. Its high speed and great agility demonstrate how effective Yakovlev’s design was and illustrates the problem the aircraft presented to the Luftwaffe. An exciting air show performer it truly illustrates ‘fast and furious’.

White 100 is available for air displays and other events. See the ‘Contact’ page.